G2G Web Services

In a growingly digitalized world, online services have become a crucial element to guarantee effective and secure communication between governments and Public Sector. What makes e-government and Government to Government Web Services so beneficial and necessary in this day and age?


The benefits of G2G Web Services are numerous and include factors such as the reduction of administrative costs and the improvement of accessibility for citizens living in remote areas. G2G Web Services allow people and organizations to quickly solve bureaucratic matters from the comfort of their own home instead of facing lengthy commutes and queues. The benefits for both parts in terms of time saving and cost reduction are immense.

In MainSys, we help government in their digitalization process. We provide solutions by utilizing the web services of Interoperability Center of the Ministry of Digital Governance (KE.D) to complete the interoperability and the transfer of information between the organizations of the Public Sector.

G2G Web Services by MainSys is a suite of applications enabling authorized governmental organizations to conduct business with and submit confidential information to Public Administration on 24-hour basis seven days a week.


Furthermore, our services contribute to:

  • The valid, immediate and up-to-date provision of information between public sector organizations
  • Achieving economies of scale through the proper processing of information by the organization responsible for its management.


Our web solutions utilize a framework of standards and rules for the provision of data exchange services between systems and applications, through a single model of messaging and online services.