Anti-drone System




Closing of airports for days and incurred costs in the millions – caused by unknown drones. Avoid costly downtime by using our system, which is the first system installed at international airports globally.


Critical Infrastructure

A drone attack on unprotected critical infrastructure can have fatal consequences. Public safety and the benefit of society are at stake. Our System offers scalable protection for industrial areas, regardless of their size.



A nightmare scenario for each organizer is targeted attacks by drones over the event grounds. We offer an international service – from the renting of individual systems to tailor-made solutions for reliable drone defence for your event.



Targeted drone attacks on military bases are now no longer rare. Our system is used worldwide by armed forces to protect the bases and troops, including the German Armed Forces, the Austrian Armed Forces, and the Australian military.



Whether a NATO, G7 or G20 summit – the police protection of such events requires a mobile, quickly operational, and 100% reliable system for drone defence. That is what our system stands for.


Correctional Facilities

Drones deliver drugs, weapons, mobile phones and other smuggled products into jails. Our system offers automated and fully integrated 24/7 protection.



Drones are being misused more often to get exclusive pictures and video footage. Aaronia’s mobile and stationary systems offer a 100% reliable solution to protect privacy.



Whether anchored at harbour, close to the coast, or on the high seas – yachts are also not free of the danger from the skies. We have already installed several systems that meet the challenges and requirements on board a ship.


Border Protection

Due to the extremely high detection range, our system is perfectly suited to protect long borders against spying or attacks by drones.

  • Unique technology: real-time ALL frequency monitoring (NO bands)
  • Real-time DF frequency monitoring for all frequencies and directions at the same time
  • Up to 48THz/s sweep speed
  • Detects 3G, 4G and 5G drones
  • Up to 50 km detection range
  • Latest AI-based multi-target image and RF pattern recognition
  • Optical triangulation with multiple PTZ cameras
  • Ultra-wide frequency range (9kHz to 20GHz)
  • Scalable for huge sites (airports, cities, borders, even countrywide installations)
  • Tested and running under most adverse weather conditions (night, fog, rain, etc.)
  • Enhanced temperature range (desert installations)
  • All-in-one solution (RF, radar, camera and software)
  • Setup and ready to use within a minute (portable version)
  • Powerful mobile app with automatic multi-level threat alerts and threat map display
  • Hardware and software made in Germany
  • and much more…