2.3 million Greeks make their purchases online, spending more than 3€ billion per year. Build your e-commerce based upon results. Will you stay out of the digital commercial world?

We design and implement “smart” websites that “fit in” on all mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, for the ultimate user experience. Modern platform tools to help you easily manage your Corporate or eShop Website.

We have developed complete business solutions that satisfy the most demanding companies in Greece and the Balkans. “All-in-one” is the best platform to manage your business in just a matter of seconds.

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iStatus, iStatus B2B, iShop, iWeb and Ermis Push Notifications to provide you all the information required to manage your enterprise.

The Status SMS is one of MainSys’ Applications for businesses who want to inform their customers easily and affordably.

The Industry standard software for Greece & Cyprus to manage importers optician shops and chains.

Status Business is an advanced software that was developed by MainSys, and provide a single ERP and CRM functionality to secure increased productivity and reduce the business cost.




The heart of the real economy needs a proper system operation.Their advantage is that they do not require countless hours of customizing and training.


MainSys products cover a wide range of specialized functions for the wholesale sector. The application platform combines features like Status CRM/ERP etc.


The operational features that integrate its applications MainSys, covering the peculiarities of belonging to the services sector.


As part of MainSys services the company undertakes all the procedures for undertaking and successfully completing IT projects on behalf of stakeholders broader public sector.


MainSys applications are designed to analyze and reflect data and generate useful reports which help managers optimize business by accessing in accurate and factual information and data, anytime.


MainSys is paramount for the protection of electronic transactions of its customers. As such, the transaction security mechanisms are in ccompliance with security policies and standards.



You can send us your Request and we will immediately give you our Offer.

We support our applications 24/7 via telephone, internet and remote control communication.

We offer Cloud Services to allow businesses to process data from anywhere, anytime using any device connected to the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization and Web Marketing to make your Websites appear on Google’s front page.

Create your own Online Store fast and safe.

Create your own iPhone & Android Apps.

Create your own Website for both desktop and mobile browsers.

All of MainSys’ Features in a Best Value bundle.



Anakiklosi Sto Spiti

We are proud to announce the launch of Anakiklosi Sto Spiti service.
We aim to bring people closer to cyclic economy with many benefits and perks!
Get the free app for iOS and Android and take advantage of the unique benefits of rewarding recycling at home!


5 Awards for MainSys and the National Organization of Public Health for MediSys, Epidemic Surveillance at the Healthcare Business Awards and Impact BITE Awards 2021! We are so proud of our team for its incessant work on this project to this day and on. We would also like to thank the thousands of health professionals who utilize the MediSys app on a daily basis.

Impact BITE Awards

Gold Applications for Public Administration

An award of great magnitude since it provides insight on the successful collaboration of the Greek Public Sector and its services on a project of unanimous gain against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Silver - Digital Health

An award of high notability due to its invaluable contribution to the Public Health sector, realized through the unprecedented application of the latest technological advancements with the aim of facing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Silver - Mobile - New Technological Trends in applications and services

An award that reflects the effective application of the highly advanced technologies of Geolocation, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence for the facilitation of the sampling process of the Covid-19 pandemic occurring cases.

Healthcare Business Awards

Gold - National / Regional Health Initiative

An award of utmost importance due to its association with actions relative to containing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Silver - Technology and Innovation for the treatment of Covid-19

An award of major significance since it reflects the groundbreaking technology of the mobile application due to the portability of the utilized device with immediate responsiveness in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

e-volution AWARDS 2022

3 Awards for MainSys and the projects for the Greece 2021 eCommerce Store & the Acropolis Museum E-ticket Platform at the Evolution Awards 2022! We would like to thank the MainSys team for these achievements. Their willingness to deliver high-quality work is really admirable. Thank you!


Silver Award Best in Numismatic Programme

E-Shop for the Numismatic Programme of the Committee Greece 2021

Bronze Award Information Architecture

E-Shop for the Numismatic Programme of the Committee Greece 2021

Silver Award Best in E-ticketing

for the Acropolis Museum E-ticket Platform


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