Storage, Customers, Loyalty Cards, Reminders, User Management, My Status, Status POS (Point Of Sale)

MainSys’ advanced software – “Status Business” – provides ERP and CRM functionality in order to increase the productivity and at the same time to reduce the cost of your Business operation. Using mobile applications, modern technologies and hyper-fast communication devices the company achieves further improvement up to the level of high-end Customer Service quality. The operation of “Status Business” in a cloud environment offers single management of a central unit and its branches, and on top of that remote on-line access 24/7.

Storage – Purchase

The management of the items traded by the company is a key factor for the development of the software system. Automatic monitoring of the stock and the requested products ensure the smooth operation of the company. “Status Business” has functions of direct information about the existing quantities and the shortages that may be established based on the motion so far.

  • Manage and track stock in every branch of the company in real time (unlimited branches)
  • Manage and track stock totally, at the central of the company
  • Get Real time information on sales with quantities of sales – purchases – orders
  • View actual and estimated balances per branch
  • Calculate the net profit per store
  • Create documents of items’ analysis and composition
  • Define costs for each product (e.g. recycling cost per month)
  • Calculate the markup per storage, taking discounts into account
  • Monitor item sets and Manage lots
  • Manage multiple barcodes per item
  • Connect with pricing categories of product groups
  • Update the quantities of sales and purchases in real time
  • Modify multiple selling prices
  • Archive the alternative suppliers prioritized for ordering
  • Create matrix barcode for automatic use during the process of creating a new product
  • Print & Export the prints to Microsoft Office Applications
  • Send selected documents by e-mail

“Status Business” covers every step of the sections Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and Service. Contributes decisively to the optimization of the internal processes but also stimulates the extroversion of the company. Status Business collects data about customers of a business, so that:

  • It is easier to manage promotions
  • Many Marketing functions are automated
  • Τhe sales and ordering are automated

The results provided by “Status Business” to the clients of the company are utilized for:

  • Targeted marketing campaigns. Specialized marketing campaigns, in order to cross-selling and up-selling
  • Analysis of customer’s behavior in order to support the decision making process relating to the products and the services offered
  • Profitability analysis (generally and per customer)

“Status Business” provides the ability to set reminders for each user and to connect the reminders with a customer or a supplier. This way, all the other applications are eliminated and everything is concentrated in the accounts of users. Moreover, users can send each other reminders and the sender can check the progress of their request. Indicatively, reminders can be set for:

  • Next contact with a customer
  • Expiration of Supplier’s bonds
  • Staff Announcements
Loyalty Cards

Attracting a new customer costs 8 times more than maintaining a client. Loyal customers spend 33% more than new customers.

  • Maintain & Increase Your Clientele
  • Give bonuses to your clients
  • Strengthen the brand and the image of your business
  • Differentiate your business from the competition
  • Your customers earn extra credits in every purchase
  • The membership card is a mobile form of advertisement for your business

By setting discount policies you reward your clientele, a technique that has been proved to increase in the long term the sales of the company and creates loyal customers. Ability to create scenarios such as:

  • Turnover target and gift or discount on your next purchase
  • Bonus return on every purchase
  • Coupons
User Management

The creation of new users, as well as the edit of the registered ones is supported. Furthermore, the administrator can create user groups based on access rights and privileges, that can be manually given or removed (e.g. the ability to delete or create recordings).

My Status

Status Business provides the ability to modulate per user each tab with a different display mode. So whenever it recognizes the user, it behaves as it is set.

Status POS (Point Of Sale)

When planning a system of Intensive Retail the dominant issue is speed. With Status POS you can make sales in the database of Status Business quickly and safely with guaranteed immediate update of all internal ERP systems of your company. The Platform Status Business has acquired a major Add-On.

  • Make Sales or Refunds
  • Select Multiple Payment Methods
  • Connect automatically to “Status Business”