Retail Stores

The development of the e-commerce in 2013 is spectatular; 1.9 million Greeks purchased on-line products or services that valued a total of 2.9 billion Euros and made an annual average of 20 online purchases worth 1.600€. Measurements are clear, if you want to get a piece of the pie you have to get your own online store, with:

  • Secure Transactions through Banks
  • Multiple Searching Filters
  • Visibility Mechanisms in Prices’ Search Engines
  • Free Training for your staff
  • Your iPhone – Android Application
  • High Standards Hosting
  • Content Management System made by MainSys
  • Commercial Application in our Cloud, connected live to your E-shop

In 2014, statistics recorded that more than 80% of the customers in Greece, had done an online research before buying a product (either online or in a physical store).


Including Google Analytics

We take over the interconnection of your e-shop with the absolute measurement tool; Google Analytics. Find out which pages of your e-shop have the most visibility, where do your potential customers come from (funnel tracking), see how effectively you utilize your keywords and if the Google Adwords campaign you are currently running has the desired effect on sales.


Page Caching

What all lovers of technology are searching today is ‘speed’. Today the ‘fast’ internet is a fact. However, speeds of 12 Mbps, 24Mbps, 50Mbps are meaningless if the speed display of the products and the pages of your web shop is painfully slow. The loading speed of the shop affects not only the sales, but also the scores of the search engines in Google. For these reasons, we give a great emphasis on speed storage and loading, caching (storing pages in cache), so that the mission of the pages of the shop to be rapid.


If someone described you an ideal situation in which you would receive daily the orders from your partners without employing staff, would you be satisfied?

The usefulness of the business 2 business track of e-commerce has been built in the absence of intermediaries between your company and the companies cooperating with you, thus drastically reducing the cost of sale and increasing your credibility. An important advantage is that the registration of the orders is made by your codes’ database and therefore the probability of error is eliminated, if we also consider that the environment of the transaction is designed in line with the requirements of the particular implementation.

If you want your sales network to be dedicated to the promotion – expansion of your customer base and not to the recording of the orders, MainSys b2b solution will cover you completely.


Single-Page Checkout

The main objective of a successful online store is the customer to be able to add easily products to the cart and complete the order. There shouldn’t be needed a lot of steps between the selection and purchase of a product. And certainly the buying process should not be difficult, because it would prevent the prospective customer to complete the purchase.

In MainSys through dozens of usability tests, we have developed procedures to complete the purchase in one page (One Page Checkout) and products purchase procedures without subscription.

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Use Excel to insert eShop Products

Register massively products in the E-shop, using the excel file your supplier provides you . Also, if you have data such as customer data, emails, products, etc, we can automatically transfer files from csv, excel, access in a database on the private cloud of MainSys, without the fear of losing any of them.

Support Services

Do you want to provide the most for your customers? In MainSys we have the necessary mechanisms to chat and support you real time. You can always know if a member of our Support Staff is available to start a live session with you and solve all of your problems.

Dynamic XMLs

We dynamically create the script for the production of the XML file that is required for the import of your products in Skroutz, Best Price, Snif and any other site of registration and product comparison. We cooperate with both Skroutz.gr & BestPrice.gr

Bank & PayPal Interconnection

We connect the checkout of your online store with the banks Eurobank, Piraeus Bank, Alpha-bank, PayPal. If you work with any other bank or organization, please contact us to discuss the connection with your site.

eShop Interconnection

We have made the interconnection of the checkout of your online store with systems of automatic calculation of transport in cooperation with the leading companies in the field, UPS, ACS. If you work with another carrier, please contact us to discuss the connection with your site.

Product Comparison

We create a separate page “compare product”, with product title, price, description, features, so that the user can easily find the product that fully meets their needs, without having to wander all the pages of your site.




Search Engine Optimization

Companies have the need to run their sites on the first pages of search engines. This can be achieved through Search Engine Optimization and paid listings (Google Adwords).

The SEO Services we provide:

  • Design of websites that are friendly to Search Engines (SEO Friendly)
  • Competition Analysis
  • Competitive Benchmarking (Weak Spots)
  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Rating of the content
  • Selection of appropriate Keywords in collaboration with the client
  • Optimization and Text Enrichment, to make the Website friendlier to Search Engines
  • Optimization of all the Website’s media (images, videos, etc.)
  • Entry of the website in professional guides (creation of back-links)


Send mass commercial messages via E-mail

We design the campaign of every business separately, according to the rules and techniques of e-mail marketing, to attract the interest of the recipients of the email.

Build loyalty, trust and strong bonds with your customers by continuously keeping them up to date with your products or services.


Key features of the e-mail-marketing service are:


  • The planning of sending the newsletter.
  • The right look for all e-mail clients with instant view of the photos contained in the newsletter.
  • Easily manage newsletters, subscribers and track your results.
  • The connection of the campaign with the Google Analytics account for direct monitoring of the results of each campaign.


Facebook-Google-Twitter Promotion & Contests

How many friends do you have?

Do you want easily and quickly to:


  • increase the likes on your Facebook page?
  • spread your products and services to many potential customers?
  • increase the recognition of your business?
  • increase your sales?


In MainSys we create Competitions, Applications, Quizes, Polls and we provide you with a list of participants to make the draw. MainSys has its own platform (Facebook approved) which provides the company that organizes the competition, the list of the participants. The dynamic involvement of the user in promoting applications, is a key ingredient for the success of the campaign.

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